Occasionally I consider
what I would like to read on this page if I wanted to know more about
Love and game development. I would probably not like what I found very
much. Where are the rants about bad OpenGL drivers, and the deep
discussions of optimization strategies? There is not even any proper
information about the game! Doesn’t the person who writes this blog know
that a developer blog must either be unreadable tech talk, or shameless
pimping of vaporware!

Well, OK lets talk about the development Love. The
engine is as far as I’m concerned complete, the performance is good and
all basic interaction works well too. The world generation is also
solid. As most of the code to do all this has been rewritten more then
once it feels very good to put it all behind me. Currently I’m working
on making sure all different types of objects work properly. Today for
instance I implemented artillery units. Most people think that the tech
parts are boring and that the gameplay is fun, but its quite the
opposite. Engines are architected marvels of elegance, while game
code is just random rules without structure. Once all the objects are done I
can start populating the world with them and that is when Love goes from
being a world to being a game, and programming goes from boring to fun
again. I was so bored last week I had to take a few days off to write a
automatic UV unwrapper.

It looks like I have been invited to speak at the
independent game festival at GDC in March in San Francisco. So that is
my milestone right now. I’m going to do as much press there as I can,
but I will also try to arrange a meet-up so that anyone who lives in
the Bay area can come and see the game live. Ive gotten good feedback
from the my alpha users, but I need more testers, so in the future I
may open it up to people I don’t know (not yet however, so you can stop emailing me about that, marriage
proposals, party invitations, and Nigerian royals in peril are still
appreciated). I’m considering accepting
donations in order to set up servers in other parts of the world too.
(Due to latency you need to play on a server geographically close to
where you live). For anyone who is interested in nitty gritty details
on how Love plays, you can check out the manual I have written for the
alpha users. Its not complete but it gives you some ideas on what Love
is about.

Ill save the Tech talk for an other time, like GDC. As
for the Hype, thanks, but no thanks. Please love my game, when you get
to play it.